Company Services

Scope Of Services
PAS has been working as a supplier and service provider in the following scope of work :
- Design, Engineering Survey and Documentation 
- Radio Site Installation Services 
- Supply Gold Power Rectifier and Hengxin Feeder Cable 
- Installation 
- Precommissioning, Commissioning & ATP 
- Network Optimization 
- Maintenance Expansion and Performance Support

Network Planning

  • Site Survey 
  • RF Survey 
  • Loss Survey 
  • Site Engineering Survey


  • RF Design 
  • DAS Design


  • Installation BTS 2G, 3G and CDMA 
  • Installation Transmission SDH & PDH 
  • Installation in building coverage (IBC) 
  • Installation Optical Network


  • Pre Launcing Site Optimization 
  • Network Performance monitoring and optimization 
  • Drive testing system and benchmarking

Testing & Commissioning

  • Commissioning BTS 2G, 3G and CDMA 
  • Commissioning Transmission SDH & PDH 
  • Commissioning in building coverage (IBC) 
  • Commissioning Optical Network


  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting Transmission 
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting BTS


  • Mini SITAC and SITAC
  • Tower RFI
  • Mini CME
  • PLN Connecting


  • Outsource team and Engineer for technical support
  • Outsource Admint, Project Coordinator, Supervisor and Project Manager for management support


  • Delivery material BTS and Transmission
  • Delivery material Tower
  • Delivery Supporting material
Why Choose Us ...?

Experienced for more than 10 years

Have many branches and can expand as needed 

Sustainable development teams and engineers

Adequate tools and special tools of appropriate standards of the required projects

Operational vehicles are spread all over the project area

We provide a competitive price

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